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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 11, 2011, 8:20 PM

Mr Bungle
Aphex Twin
Robert Rich
Brian Eno
Liquid Mind
Atrium Carceri
As I lay Dying

[experimental, electronic, ambient, relaxing/light/dark/noise, industrial]

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Everything else to me has no use.
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Avatar is overrated.
Even parodies on avatar are overrated.

Ive seen the movie, and it was ok, but now ... meh.

Epicness of movie = Quality/(mass of products + over-discussed-ness)
(Lord of the Rings & Starwars = exeption.)
Overrated = no need to appreciate.
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Yesterday I was at a nifty Sydney DA event.

Met new people, some of which might be reading this

Had cake :D won stuff.

Happy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DAHappy Birthday DA
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Ok I think someone is taking the april fools thing too far. Why the Ladygaga/Twilight CRAP? WHY????

there arent enough whores in the internet, so lets put em up deviantart which is like the only place without them. But I guess that was the point of the joke. mah
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The 1st term of school just finished. We have a new VA (visual arts) teacher who isn't really an art teacher, he is just a guy that highlights the most BLATANT and BASIC criteria, the syllabus and half of the time stops us from doing any work. A VA teacher would be someone extremely open minded, creative; obviously from a newer modern generation. My other (previous) teacher let me skip a class on the last day, so that he could teach me to use oil paints. He teaches me more outside class, than my new teacher IN class.

The subjects in our art class now is also quite narrow. All we've done is 'objects' some year 7-8 theory revision, and that that basically sums it up. Hopefully this will be resolved, because last year we had almost complete control over the subject - we did DADAism, so we could choose either Futurism, Surrealism, Cubism, (and I forgot the others) or do all of them. The only freedom we have had this term, is just the medium and object which we chose. Also our VA teacher let us create our personal drawings, because an art diary is about ideas and thoughts that we process, and as artists, keep them in a material form. However, our new teacher always accuses people of having unrelevant drawings in their diaries. This is pretty insane, because the artist always knows what he/she is doing.

ABOUT MY ART -  havent posted anything for ages, but I probably have about 125 artworks to post up from all the stuff that has been collecting over months. The problem is that my camera doesnt connect to the pc anymore, because something broke, and I have to borrow a memorycard-reader.
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My VA class was recently issued a very interesting and unusual topic; Dadaism. That is the origin of good 'ol' surrealism, expressionism, futurism, cubism, and more...

For a month or two I have been learning to paint which seems to me now way more enjoyable that sketching. My first painting this year gave me a breath to painting. Recently I have done about 6 watercolour paints which kinda surprised me, and recently discovered a nice oil paint set in my house. Just after some research, I was amazed at how complex oil paints were; the layers, and patience, the colour, and the solutions. You can also produce cracks in your oil paintings, so that opens up another interesting technique.

Simplicity  Structural-wise is very important. It does not affect the final appeal of your artwork (eg. readymades can make your artwork look more symbolic)

I have recently discovered a strange smell - water with oil paints - produces a nice warm smell. Not sure whether it is bad for you or not, but that could be the reason why I was so sparked up to do a journal entry o_0

B happy with your art results, explore this crazy world, and appreciate as you are.
Search for 'funny' in deviantart.

I realized that I was missing a laugh, so I as trying to look for really good art and couldnt find any, though, it was all over the place. I just needed some time to laugh.

If you are really bored, I can guarantee this will burn away your negative boredom
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I have been on DA the whol time but I haven't posted anything;

#1. Because I lost many files
#2 Because this comp does not have a camera transmitter software (yet)

I hope I haven't yet turned invisible, but I am planning to post some stuff.

Also today I have found some really awesome artworks, I suggest you have a look at:
'Steampunk Dragon' and a couple of Snowman artworks (just search for 'snowman', should be on the fp)
And I thought I will never see anything as original in my life

But just one thing I have noticed. There are many great artworks here at da (perhaps too many?), yet I see all the same repetitive thing all over and over and over and over and over and over and over and over again.....
Maybe it's just me, but 70-85% of all GOOD artworks I see are filled with cliches (eg. eye closeups, ordinary landscapes, and just plain boring "I am an emo/depressed/empty" photographs, like people with emotionless faces - most of them are boring even good ones)

Some interesting ones are probably digital paintings/traditional drawings of unusual creatures, concepts that don't even have to be anything big, insects and animals are rather interesting, abandoned places (because they have lots of history behind them), I don't mind humour, dark sculptures, steampunk/cyberpunk concepts are rather interesting too. This is what should be done more often in different ways in my opinion. But continue you art, no matter what it is, I am only saying that the minority of Deviants are concentrated on their opinions, concepts, vision, ideas and impact

But I ain't complaining; DeviantArt is perhaps the best, and the only good art place around the net, as well as the community. It's just that it appears to be some sort of disease of mind, that everyone just tries to replicate the same things over and over? I guess art is not about what it is, and how it is done, but still.

And this is another reason why I'd prefer traditional art
(avoid cliches, but don't be afraid of them)
Though, my art isn't very original, I just noticed >->' ...
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First of all I'd like to thank everybody whom has supported me and my friends here at deviantArt :)

The list of the peole I wanted to thank was in my Christmas journal (If you wanna know how much I appreciate your feedback :)

2008 to me was the best year I have experienced so far, no doubt or exaggeration, also this year I have joined this great community full of enthusiastic work of art, communication, input and output

I hope to also improve in 2009, and many other wishes which I also hope will come to your experience as well

Thank you every one, and Happy New Year!

- I love art
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I'd love to thank all of my friends, watchers and other people that have supported me and my artwork here on DeviantArt. I enjoyed this year, more than any other year before and possibly even later on.

Anyway, heres a list of my good friends, I want to wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy new year!:


Thanks again! I hope your christmas was full of energy and potential, and if not, I hope you have a great future in the next year: 2009

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What inspired me to use the tablet, is a deviation which is a dragon. Type in any basic colour and it should be at the front page. He drew dragons of all basic colours, and they all look insanely awesome. Another thing that proved it doesn't take much time to get used to drawing in the tablet is Blake, he has submitted some high quality deviations within 2-3 days after he got a graphics tablet. Now with the actual journal >>

My graphics tablet is back, yeah! And this is actually the first time I have spend time practicing on it. I am working on a little something to show my learning curve using this tablet.

It is actually quite easy when you get used to it. Just remember to always look at the screen, not the pad, do not think you are going to trace some shape on your tablet and get the same results, because of things like 1.pen pressure 2. mouse sencitivity 3.size of the tablet region etc.

I hope to improve, and actually I already am, so cyall later.
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(first jourmal ^-^)

       You Are EMPTY Review by Ilya Miller

OK, I haven't posted much lately to DA (actually I have posted a few photographs and digital art), Because my comp was getting fixed. Now that We have an iMAc latest laptop and Windows XP Pro set up on my original computer, I can go back to working on more, probably in a few weeks time.

Anyway, I got a new game: You Are Empty today. I have to say: I am not too impressed, but not too dissapointed. The atmosphere is brilliant, the music suits it well, for the most part. Physics are suburb, and the monster design is rather interesting, not perfect, but acceptable. Some of the bad things include glitches, technical visual bugs, elementary Ai, unclear sound for some sequences, such as the motolov - it explodes like a grenade instead of bursting in flames. But in other cases the sound was brilliant. I really enjoyed the weapons in the game, not their sound fx. The main concept was fair, the story wasn't that great, but did well enough for a first person shooter. Now with the precisions - The reason why this game got seriously bad reviews is because the game just doesn't feel too right. Some enemies you will see far-far awway, and don't think you are just going to sneek out and shoot at it, until you noticethat they will reach you in seconds; if you see an enemy, do not hesitate to shoot. Also when an enemy is about to hit you, you can be a metre away, and still get hit. The artificial intelligence is horrible. The monsters cannot walk around, say if a box is blocking their way, they will most likely just be going around in circles until you get close enough. Hell, they can't even climb onto a ledge to get you! That is what I mean.

Graphics were artistic. Atmosphere is beautiful, and ugly at the same time since its an Anti-Soviet sort of apocalyptic game. But things like water reflections, gritty walls, foggy environments, teared walls cracks on the floor tiles and detailed objects caught my appeal pretty well.

The physics are sophisticated, balanced and realistic. For example if you will see a wooden box hanging on a rope, and if you shoot it, it will wabble accordingly to the amount of impact you have damaged it, and possibly destroy it. There are many distructable things, not too many though.

However, You Are Empty will not offer you more than facinating environments, few distructable items, loads of shooting and glitches.

Overall this game seems to be in a state of not complete, but quite decent, and worth buying. I rather enjoyed walking in the old Soviet Union, and using a variety of weapons and conflicting some ugly-as mutants.

Overall Review Score:  6.3/10 (Fair)

Re-Play value-:5