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Even though nature photos aren't as much of a phenomenon by themselves these days in the DeviantArt community, the technique used in this shot makes it seem like so. The perspective, and angle from which the photo was taken accelerates the power of the feather, supported by the sharp focus line (lower half) which reveals great detail in the feather and the water droplets.

The background (at the top of the picture) is very blurry, forcing the eye to look at the lower half of the picture, which is presumably, the subject of the photograph.

Another thing I noticed is the tone and colour scheme - the dark blue tone reveal a cold temperature which is suggestively the temperature of the environment of the subject. The tone also efefctively brings out the white feather

This is a stalwart shot, and I don't see many of these around on this site. You have manipulated the colours well, and applied a specific focus area in the shot which reveals significance of the object you are expressing.

This is my first critique, so I apologize for any errors in my statements.
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